How to Trim and Store Live Microgreens?

Updated: Feb 20

Trimming & Cleaning

To extract the live microgreens from the packaging we recommend you grabbing a bunch and pulling them up with their roots. Then by using a pair of sharp scissors, cut them just above the roots.

Compost the soil and/or dispose of the pad. Most microgreens are incapable of regrowth once they have been cut above the roots, so it is recommended to compost the mix for future garden projects.

Microgreens should be washed before consuming. We recommend using a salad spinner to gently wash the microgreens in cold water and spin dry. However, if they seem too damp after washing, simply dab them with a paper tower until dry.


All harvested greens will last longer if stored properly. Keep microgreens between damp paper towels, and make sure they are cold and covered in a resealable bag or container. Wrapped this way, they’ll last in the fridge for about a week. Keeping them cool and moist prevents microgreens from drying out. Keep greens covered right up until they hit the plate.

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